After purchasing the plugin

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the Download button on the top right portion of the page.

  1. Find your Spigot (or Spigot fork) plugins folder. (“plugins” folder in the main folder of your server) and put the downloaded .jar file in there.

Upload the jarfile (or move it in)
  1. Reboot your server if running already or start your server.

Reboot or start the server.
  1. Configure the plugin

  1. Open the /plugins/KnockioFFA/ folder and go through the files. Documentation on the files can be found at the Plugin files page.

  2. Restart the server, you can also run “knc reload” in the console or “/knc reload” in the chat when logged in as an opped player for minor changes. The output should be something like this:

Reload the plugin
  1. Done. Enjoy! To finish setup by creating an arena, go to the <no title> page.